Everything You Need to Know about Yoga Burn System

The Yoga Burn System, a yoga fat burning program created by Zoe Bray Cotton is said to be one of the best fat burning products on the market. I wanted to try it myself and see what all the hype is about. So after several weeks of going through the program, I wanted to share my thoughts about it. First, I’ll tell you some basic details about all the different steps of the program then I’ll provide you with a more detailed information about the great benefits and not so great parts of this product. And finally, I’ll give you an overview of my overall experience and hopefully by this point, you’ll have a better idea of whether this yoga fat burning program is a good fit for you.

A Little Background Info on Yoga Burn System

Zoe Bray Cotton is the creator of this yoga fat burning program. She’s a certified yoga instructor, a personal trainer and a female body transformation expert. Zoe explained in several interviews that she developed the “Yoga Burn System”, often referred to as “Her Yoga Secrets” as a step-by-step progressive 12-week yoga program for women around the world, from the busy stay-at-home mom to the busy corporate executive, all women can take advantage of this product. The program is build around a unique approach known as Dynamic Sequencing, and promotes a natural, steady, and healthy weight loss lifestyle for women. Before we get in all the details, let’s discuss some of the common yoga mistakes that Zoe Bray Cotton believes many women make when approaching yoga.

1 – Signing Up for Any and All Yoga Classes

Signing up for any class without a clear intention of what you are doing there like getting on a bike and not knowing how to ride it nor where to ride it. This is not how anyone sets a good foundation to accomplish anything worthwhile. According to Zoe, the average yoga class at a gym or studio is a mixture of several of people that are all at different physical, emotional, spiritual capabilities and lifetime experience. Therefore, if you’re a first time yogi and you’re doing poses that are reserved for more advanced yogis, your risk for injuries will increase greatly. Not to mention, you might get disappointed in yourself, thinking you did something wrong, without realizing that your inability to do the poses has nothing to do with you but rather with the mistake that you took the wrong class.

2 – Believing that All Yoga Classes Will Fix You Right Away

People go to yoga for many different reasons, some for relaxation and mediation, and others for a more challenging physical exercise of the body. Depending on the reason why you want to practice yoga, it’s important to research what classes are more in lined with your intention and goals. Also, understand that while yoga has many positive effects that can be felt right away after class, other things take a little bit more time. If you are looking to get tone biceps and a firmer butt, you won’t see it right away. Not that it won’t happen at all. This just means that it will take a little bit more time.

3 – Doing The Same Yoga Poses or Routine Classes Over and Over Again

As human beings, we’re wired for diversity. The body, most especially, needs to move in all various different ways in order to keep evolving. Once we get used to certain poses or routines, if we not exploring other variations, we can easily become stuck and get bored. A great yoga class is one who considers your abilities, fitness levels, and goals while helping you stay focused and motivated. A great yoga class will keep you challenge you to keep moving forward, and always reaching for the next level if that is your desire.

4 – Setting Yourself Up for Unrealistic Expectations

There will always be someone that can do some yoga poses better than us. There will always be someone that we think has a better yoga body than us. It’s important to realize that many of these people are seasoned yogis. They have been practicing for many years. They didn’t get there in one day. When we compare ourselves to seasoned yoga practitioners, we are setting ourselves us for unrealistic expectations. You may not be able to do a handstand the first day or the first month you practice yoga. But if you keep practicing, one day you will. Understand your current state and set realistic goals for yourself. And day by day, you’ll noticed the amazing changes in your body. Just remember, yoga is a journey. Not a destination.

The Steps of Yoga Burn System

Step1 – Foundation Flow

This step helps beginners as well as seasoned yogis build a strong foundation based on proper breathing methods and appropriate alignment of the poses. In this step you’ll learn the different sequences that will help boost your metabolism, which will help burn fat and lose weight. Also, this step helps you see what level you’re on and take the appropriate measures to develop strong muscles. I enjoyed this step, because it gave me the confidence I needed to expand my vision of my capabilities. It also helped me believe in myself.

Step 2 – Transitional Flow

During this step, you’ll learn to merge the poses from the first part with the more intermediate yoga poses. These movements will enhance your mood, they will challenge you, and help get rid of the extra fat in certain areas. In this step, I noticed a little soreness the next day after I practiced, but nothing that was overly uncomfortable. I also felt that my body was starting to change and that soon I would begin to see real results.

Step 3 – The Mastery Flow

This step is the combination of step 1 and 2. It further challenges your endurance level and capabilities. It focuses on the muscles that need to be activated and exercised to give you a more firm and toner body. All parts of your body, from your head to your toes, will be flowing in sync with each other to bring you the results you seek. This was one of my favorite steps because when I first started, I couldn’t hold some of the poses for very long but by the time I reached step 3, I was recognized that I had mastered many yoga poses and that I flowing and transitioning in and out of the poses effortlessly.

There are two additional step which Zoe Bray Cotton offers as part of her Yoga Burn System: Bonus Step 1: audio classes that you can follow along. Bonus Step 2: The tranquility flow, which is more, directed toward meditation and relaxation and light stretches.

Pros and Cons of Yoga Burn System


The program is designed for women of all different fitness levels. Clear directions are provided to guide you toward proper alignment and to help you avoid pain and injuries. The sequences of the flow change as you become more advanced which helps your body go to the next level. The videos also give you several options to lighten or increase the intensity of the poses.

Nowadays, the average yoga class is between $10 – $22 and many studios offer weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly unlimited memberships. While these options may sound cost effective (based on your budget) it’s important to also realize that we don’t always have the time to hop in our cars, drive through traffic, go to class, relax, only to jump back in the car and go through traffic again. The amazing thing about the Yoga Burn System for women is that you only pay one reasonable one-time fee and you get to keep the program forever. You can do everything from the comfort of your own home with basic yoga equipment. Not to mention, you get to do this at the time that is convenient for you.

Once you pay for Yoga Burn, you get a complete yoga fat burning program that Zoe Bray Cotton designed to fit the unique requirements of women of all various fitness levels. Also, the core program is more enough, but the two bonuses are great additions. Personally, I enjoyed the follow-along audio classes, which will make me feel like I had Zoe with me wherever and whenever I practiced yoga. Zoe offers a two months full money back guarantee. You can ask for a refund during that time, no questions asked.


You have to be consistent in your efforts. And if you’re not self-motivate, it could be a little challenging for you to stay on track. We all know that working out can be very challenging, especially when we have to motivate ourselves. Thankfully, there are several apps and methods you can use to track our progress. Though no one is excluded from the program, I do feel that it is better for newbies. If you are a seasoned yogi, you may find that this program isn’t challenging enough depending on your fitness level.

Overview of Yoga Burn System

Overall, I believe the Yoga Burn System is a great fat burning workout program for women who want to lose weight and get a toned body and become slimmer, more flexible, more balanced, more relaxed by doing yoga. By the end of it, I felt better, stronger, sexier, more fit than I have for a long time. I’m so happy with my results that I’m going to do the program all over again. Yes, ladies. This program is really great.

Yoga does wonder for the body. Take a look at Zoe’s body. She looks amazing and you can too. Her videos give you an overview of her strategies and yoga poses. If you are looking for a complete yoga program that you can structure around your needs schedule, if you want to do it from the comforts of your home, or if you always wanted to know the right way to do yoga and lose weight and shape up, the Yoga Burn system is a great option for you. This is a unique yoga program designed by a woman for women who have minimal experience, and the best part of the deal is if you don’t like the program, you can return it within two months for a full refund. If you are interested in purchasing this program, you can do so by clicking here.