7 most stupid excuses some people use to not practice Yoga

1. I’m not flexible

I feel like banging my head against the walls when I hear some people say that. Not only do they tell me this lie, but they say it with such conviction as if they were telling the truth even know it isn’t true at all.

Hello People!!! Don’t be ridiculous.

This is exactly why you go to yoga: to become flexible. Unless you were magically born flexible and managed to grow up as flexible as a rubber band, you’ll most likely have to have to start from point one, stretching your muscles, and slowly learning how to breath in certain poses that will help your muscles stretch out and relax. Practicing yoga is how you become flexible. So stop saying you’re not flexible enough for yoga. It’s a lie.

2. I’m fat

Well, okay. Maybe you are fat but what does your weight have to do with practicing yoga? While you may feel insecure about your weight, there’s not a rule that says, “fat people are excluded from yoga.” In fact, if you’re fat, that is more of a reason why you should start practicing yoga. Yoga will help you lose weight, tone up your muscles, increase your strength and endurance, help with your flexibility and balance; not to mention, increase your level of self-worth and self-esteem. If you’re fat, yoga is exactly what you need.

3. I don’t have time

Are you sure you don’t have time or is it that you choose not to do yoga with the time you have? Last time I checked, which is about one second ago, we all have the same twenty-four hours in a day. Yes, some of us are busier than others, but if something is a priority, we make time for it.

It’s okay if yoga is not your priority right now. But don’t say you don’t have time to practice yoga. And if you don’t have time, if you really don’t have time, learn to make time. Perhaps you can wake up half an hour earlier, or go to bed half an hour later. Perhaps you can spend less time watching TV, and more time practicing yoga. If yoga is important to you, make time for it.

4. I cant do it right

While there are certain fundamental things that you should attempt to do correctly, like breathing in and breathing out, proper alignment of the poses, and taking in consideration what your body is and is not ready for, there is absolutely no right way or wrong way to practice yoga.

If your yoga practice is more on the physical/exercise side, that’s great. Who are we to judge you? If your yoga practice is more on the spiritual, breathing, meditative side, that’s also great. Yoga is a personal journey. Only you know what your body needs. You can never do it right. You can never do it wrong. You can only do it. Just like the Nike commercial always say, just do it. Now stop saying you can’t do it right. You don’t have to even do it right. You just have to do it.

5. I don’t have a yoga body

Okay fine. Let’s assume for a moment that this is in fact true. You don’t have a yoga body. But can you please explain to me what is a yoga body? I’ve been practicing yoga for many years and have seen so many different types of yogis with so many different types of bodies. And let me tell you, no one on this earth can draw what the “yoga body” looks like. Do you know why that is? That’s because there’s no such thing.

A yoga body is the body of a person who practices yoga. You don’t get a yoga body by not doing yoga. You get a yoga body by taking the current body you have and start practicing yoga. There you have it. Take yourself to yoga. Congratulations, you now have a yoga body.

6. I’ll never be able to do this pose

How do you know you’ll never be able to do something if you’re not even willing to try? Most of the advance yogis I know did not start out doing headstands, handstands, foreamstands, splits, and other advance cool poses on day one. In fact, I doubt anyone on this first can say that they did. Do you know why that is? Yoga is a process. Not a quick fix destination.
Most people start from the very beginning and work their way up. Can you imagine a newborn baby telling his mother, “I’ll never be able to run.” Absolutely no. You can’t imagine it because the very idea of it is ludicrous. It’s completely and totally absurd. Of course, the baby will be able to run one day. And just like a newborn baby, you’ll be able to do the advance poses you wish to do. But it will take time. You won’t do it in day one, but little by little, one day at a time, you’ll get there.

7. Yoga is too hard/too easy

Some people think yoga is hard when they look at all the advance poses that seasoned yogis are able to do with their bodies. Others have the misconception that yoga is just about seating outside in a garden, or somewhere else on top of a hill, and breathing. Therefore, to those people, yoga is perceived as too easy.

Here’s the truth. Yoga is not too hard. Neither is it too easy. You have to tailor your yoga practice around your needs and capabilities. While you do want to challenge yourself and go to the next level, you should never be in pain while practicing yoga. That’s not what it’s about. Yoga is a practice that betters your body, mind, and spirit. Get out now and practice yoga today. You’ll be glad you did. Challenge yourself, motivate yourself to attempt posses that seem impossible; at the same time, know when to back off, to take a break, to breath, to mediate. Yoga is what you make it. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It’s what you make of it. And only you can decide what that will be.